CSU Math 124 Group Tutoring

Math 124 Unit 1

Tuesday October 2nd at 5pm

Math 124 Unit 2

Tuesday October 9th at 5pm

Math 124 Unit 3

Tuesday October 16th at 5pm

Math 124 Unit 4

Tuesday October 23 at 5pm

Rates: $30/session
Each instructor led PACe course session lasts approximately 1 hour. During that time I will review all the possible problems for a given PACe unit.  I have been tutoring these courses at CSU for 20+ years and I am very familiar with the material. I will be teaching you the quickest and easiest ways to solve problems, including how to use a TI-84/83 calculator whenever possible.

Do to the popularity of these sessions, I now hold the group tutoring sessions online as there is not a room in the Morgan Library that is large enough to fit everyone.

SPACE is LIMITED to the first 24 students who sign up. If the first session gets filled, I will try to add an additional section.

I will be holding the tutoring session in an online classroom using a program called Adobe Connect. I will review every question on the exam one at a time. I will show you the exact problem we are working on, write my solutions using an online whiteboard, show you how to use a TI-84/83 calculator to solve many of the problems, answer any questions you might have, and send you a PDF of all my work at the end of the session.

To sign up for the group tutoring sessions, please click the Register Now link above for which ever course you would like to join.

If you have any questions about the group session please Contact Me.